Twenty months.

That’s how long it has been since my first Blog posting.

Here it is

The sudden onslaught of Ecobabbleism made participation essential.

I was further spurred on by the knowledge that Billionaire EnviroMentalists Sir Richard Branson and Ted Turner were taking the lead.

Then, it got even better.

Algore suddenly became ‘the leading advocate for confronting the threat of global warming’...for the past thirty years.

That’s according to The Virgin Earth Challenge...sponsored, ironically enough, by Sir Richard Branson.

I set about absorbing the blather being spewed by these three and their minions.

Ted Turner, the former Mouth of the South, has been quiet.

His one noteworthy pronouncement stated that we are headed for Cannibalism.

Ted’s getting old.

Perhaps it’s best that he doesn’t say much these days.

Silence hasn’t suited Sir Richard.

He’s everywhere, promoting everything.

And, everything he promotes is fueled by Petro Chems...from his Virgin Galactic SpacePort...right down to the plastic jewel cases used on Virgin CDs.

The guy is still a Vinyl Shill at heart.

And then there’s Algore.

What more can I say?

I seen it comin’?