The Algore Crowd is spreading a Climate of Doubt.

Stimulating the new Fear Fueled Economy.

These efforts are backed by such environmental stalwarts as DOW Chemical, DuPont, and the newer greener Waste Management Corp.

Using Toons and Tunes to reach young people, these Ecobabble spouting grifters are developing the need.

Someone has to bring all the new clean energy related gadgetry to market.

By pitching their bogus concerns RE Global Warming, and treating the populace like so many pre-programmed lab rats, Algorites have taken the lead.

Buy our line, or it all goes Kablooie!

Scare ‘em enough, and they’ll buy our stuff.

It always works.

In Ancient times, guys like Algore used unusual Celestial Events, along with the threat of getting your heart cut out and eaten during one of these unusual events, as a means of getting their point across to the unknowing masses.

Today, unusual Celestial Events have been explained, and public heart eating has fallen out of fashion.

So, we get DOW’s “Human Element” advertising campaign, and such GeoEngineering hype as “Discovery Project Earth” in their place.

DOW promotes ‘adding the Human Element’ to the equation.

Put us right up there with all the other Elements of Nature shown on the periodic table.

These ads are intended to make us feel like Nature Personified, waiting to bond with the Universe.

We go together like H, 2, and O.

I guess these Folks just learned that they are Nature, eh?

That’s a large part of the problem we face.

The leaders of the ceaseless War on Nature are suddenly leading the charge toward acceptance of Humanity’s new role as simply another Element of Nature.

Something tells me they’ve finally caught on that seeking Mankind’s Dominion over Nature is lose/lose since we are Nature.

It’s time to cut, run, and hunker in the bunker until the dust settles.

But not before snagging whatever’s left to grab.

Hu is the new symbol for the Element Humanity.


“Discovery Project Earth”, sponsored by DOW, hypes a bunch of Wackos with Degrees, attempting to repair Earth.

Discovery Channel takes the exact same approach as those TV shows that redecorate your home in one weekend for under a thousand dollars.

Project Earth offers such great suggestions as Reforesting Earth by parachuting millions of seedling trees with automatic planter/fertilizer attachments into deforested locations all over The Globe.

The promos show cute little ‘seedling bombs’ plopping onto the ground, splattering into countless blobs of Future Forest.

It’s more of a Slacker Arcade Scenario than Tree Huggin’, Granola Eatin’ Angst.

Progress is our most important product.

I guess that’s progress.

Arcade Slackers save Humanity’s Niche on Planet Earth, guided by Algore and his money grubbing minions.

All supported by the biggest polluters in History.

It’s the Natural Course of Events.

From Huh? to Duh! in one easy lesson.

Keep it simple, stupid.

Make it easy to swallow...like warm, creamy Pablum, swirled with Maple Syrup.


Large investments have been made in alternative fuels, alternative lifestyles, alternative everything, it seems.

Those spreading the Climate of Doubt made these large investments, while poking fun at the Tree Huggin’, Granola Eatin’ Folks who generated the original alternatives.

It’s standard co-opting of innovative concepts.

Watch for any ideas that hit the cultural hot button.

Then, put them down as foolishly idealistic and hopeless.

Keep an eye on which ones persevere, and catch on even in the face of ridicule.

Embrace those that do, and finance them into the mainstream.

Consider the traditional twenty-five year adjustment period from bogus to brilliant, and it’s time for the newly refined alternatives to pay off.

We are about to enter The Future led by the same people whose wanton disregard for Nature created today’s frightening Global Climate, all decked out in their New Green Guise.

Pretty silly, eh?

Every word is true, and getting truer by the moment.