Pushing today's version of impending Doom and Gloom onto Kids who toy with onscreen Doom and Gloom Fantasies for endless hours, and call it fun, is akin to handing out Heroin Laced Goodies on the schoolyard.

Actually, it's even worse.

The Heroin Laced Goodies in the schoolyard are intended to create future customers, with needs they don't understand, but must fulfill by looking up the Pusherman.

The Doom and Gloom shysters have already prepared their future customers by hooking them on Electronic Eye Candy.

The need is strong, and already there.

If you Kids want to continue to enjoy all the goodies, prepare to play along, and make other sacrifices.

Like taking up space with zero sense of worth.

Scurrying about wildly, hoping someone else is cleaning up the mess, and counting the seconds until escape back into the electronic goo-goo is possible.