"Timelessly Timeless Galactic Wanderer, recently returned from extended 'Cosmic Walkabout', seeks to present findings."

Above is the text of Fadda Eart's first web ad.

Hopefully, SmythSpace can provide said venue.

Here goes...hang onto your hats, Kids...


This is going to be coming at you in fits and starts for a while.

I need to get a few loose ends taken care of now, so they don't rear their ugly heads at some crucial moment.

That could mess things up.

Plus, now that I've re-read this, coming at you in fits and starts is what life does.

Loose ends with their potential ugly reality are part of the perpetual fly in the ointment...don'tcha think?

So, this slight delay will give you plenty of time to get caught up by clicking the links below.

Plus...it's a valuable reminder that we can't just snap our fingers and wake up out of this mess.

It's just not the Nature of Things.