Instant Evolution

Do it!

Easier said than done, eh?

Not really.

Give it a moment's thought.

You've already developed several new impressions from simply opening this page.

It's actually easier done than said.

It took much longer to say this than it did for your new impressions to form.

Don'tcha think?

Author's Note...

smythspace.tv is having technical problems that are too annoying to bother with right now.

I can't make myself go TechHeaded enough to solve the problem without losing focus on the Fadda Eart project.

That's pretty ironic in itself, because if not for this insidiously TechHeaded gadget, Fadda Eart would still be 'walkabout', and we'd be facing this EcoMess without his guidance.

That said, The Further Adventures of Fadda Eart will take place right here for the time being.